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Swingarm “We run a Yoshimura un­der­slung swingarm. In BSB we’ve ac­tu­ally been work­ing with the standard arm a bit as well, but Michael likes the Yoshimura op­tion. ”

En­gine “It has Yoshimura fac­tory cams, but of course the valves and pis­tons are standard as per the rules. We’ll ma­chine a cer­tain amount off the cylin­der head, but that’s about it.”

Tank “Straight from the fac­tory and it’s a stun­ning bit of kit! It comes to us as 24 litres which is ideal for the TT, and the ex­tra fuel goes un­der the seat for weight dis­tri­bu­tion.”

Rideby-wire “Michael tends to ride with a one-to-one throt­tle con­nec­tion, if you open the throt­tle 10% it gives you 10% power. We ac­tu­ally mod­ify the spring on the throt­tle so it’s not so heavy.”

Elec­tron­ics “We’re us­ing the Motec sys­tem we use in BSB. The but­tons are quite sim­ple, we’ve two dif­fer­ent maps for Michael to use and then of course a pit lim­iter and kill switch!”

The bike is all-new but Dunlop has the right peo­ple around him

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