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Con­trols “In BSB we run af­ter­mar­ket but­tons but on the roads James is mak­ing quite a few changes on the fly, so we re­tain the standard Kawasaki con­trols be­cause they are sim­ple to use.”

Tank “For the Su­per­bike we run a com­pletely be­spoke hand­made tank which holds 24 litres. We baf­fle the tank to stop the fuel wash­ing away from the pump as it emp­ties.”

Sub­frame “In BSB we run a car­bon fi­bre one­piece tail unit which in­cor­po­rates the sub­frame but we don’t use that on the roads purely due to fa­tigue from the bumps.”

En­gine “With the reg­u­la­tions the top end is where the work is done. In­ter­nals are standard, but you can change the cams. In­let and ex­haust port­ing is where we’re work­ing.”

Swingarm “The big­gest thing is the quick re­lease sys­tem for wheel changes. I’ve got it down to 28 sec­onds to change the rear wheel and in a pit stop that’s ab­so­lutely crit­i­cal!”

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