‘It just goes to show, it isn’t easy’


“It was a good day for Mav­er­ick – a strong race, a good bat­tle, but again it was just with Yamaha rid­ers. It asked the same ques­tions and gave the same an­swers as Jerez, but we’d like to see a bat­tle with Yamaha ver­sus Honda mixed up a bit now, as a mo­tor­bike fan!

“But we’re happy with Mav­er­ick’s pace, es­pe­cially con­sid­er­ing we didn’t do a lot of laps in the dry. We’re happy to re­cover those lost points, too. Yes, we won the first two races, but then we had a bit of a dis­as­ter for a while, with a com­pletely un­ex­pected crash in Austin. Ev­ery­one has crashed al­ready now, and Marc has crashed twice. He learned a big les­son last year, but he’s al­ready been on the floor twice. It just goes to show – it isn’t easy. “Beat­ing Valentino wasn’t too im­por­tant to Mav­er­ick men­tally, be­cause he takes ev­ery race as it comes. And now there’s a big margin that we can use when the pack­age isn’t quite right – ex­cept it doesn’t seem to work like that, be­cause ev­ery time they win two races now they flick the thing on the ground! You need to push but you need to fo­cus and keep that mo­men­tum. “The re­la­tion­ship be­tween the rid­ers is good. Mav­er­ick does a good job and he re­spects Vale a lot, and Vale knows that Mav­er­ick is fast. But Vale was fast un­til the last few cor­ners, too.”

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