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Un­like modern bikes that can quite hap­pily sit for a length of time, leav­ing the mag­ne­sium race bikes of this era stood for even a few weeks can spell dis­as­ter. As part of his Racing Restora­tions busi­ness, Everett is well versed in keep­ing the bikes tip-top.

“I built the bot­tom half of the en­gine up and filled it with wa­ter on the bench, just to make sure it was go­ing to stay in there but it didn’t – it poured straight out! We filled a cou­ple more holes and sat it overnight and it was fine. The mag­ne­sium is less likely to cor­rode now as Mo­tul do a coolant that has an ad­di­tive in it, which prevents cor­ro­sion.

“Stor­ing these bikes is dif­fi­cult. With wa­ter in it there’s no air, so the metal has noth­ing to re­act with but if you drain it, you’ve got some wa­ter and some air. Re­ally, you should split the whole thing apart to dry it. With this one, we will start it up, get it red hot then dump the wa­ter out of it. With the hoses off it should dry out but any longer than six months and it would need an­other tear down.”

‘Af­ter a few mo­ments, the bike roars into life. The en­gine crack­les, pops and blue smoke pumps out of the pipes’ ‘In six months time it will need an­other tear down’

Sheene’s 76 world ti­tle-win­ning ma­chine will soon ride again

Everett and Og­borne can barely con­ceal their joy as Sheene’s bike nears com­ple­tion Sheene’s 1976 XR14 crack­les into life within a few feet of the bump start at­tempt

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