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Time to fine tune your gear lever

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Make your mark

The po­si­tion of the gear lever on the se­lec­tor shaft is crit­i­cal, so be­fore you re­move it mark its po­si­tion with a pen so you don’t get con­fused. Undo the re­tain­ing bolt and slip the lever off the splines.

Re­move the assem­bly

Un­bolt the en­tire footrest assem­bly then clamp se­curely into a vice. Check the rose joints and the rub­ber seals that pro­tect them: if they’re bind­ing they’ll need re­place­ment.

Clean and grease

Take a Scotchbrite pad and clean off any cor­ro­sion from the gear lever pivot. Re­assem­ble and grease any parts that re­quire lu­bri­ca­tion. Re­fit any wash­ers and spa­ces and wipe away ex­cess grease.

Treat your bolts

It’s com­mon for the footrest to be bolted through the gear lever us­ing the footrest shaft as the pivot. Re­fit the hanger and link­age as one. Apply thread­lock then torque up to cor­rect value.

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