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FUEL 18 litres @ 39mpg = 155 miles POWER 149bhp TORQUE 78ftlb WEIGHT 168kg SEAT 815mm THE RIDER Ped Baker. En­joys tin­ker­ing nearly as much as rid­ing HEIGHT 6ft 4in WEIGHT 95kg ped.baker@mo­tor­cy­cle­news.com Bleed­ing brakes is a bleed­ing hor­ri­ble task. I’ve had a few dis­as­ters in the past, knock­ing over jam jars of cor­ro­sive brake fluid and strug­gling to get a good firm brake lever, so I’ve shelled out on a Mi­ty­vac Elite vac­uum pump (£67.50). Be­ing able to draw the fluid through the sys­tem into a sealed reser­voir seems like a good idea and has the po­ten­tial to make it a much eas­ier, cleaner job. This week­end’s job on the 954 is to re­place the brake fluid (both front and rear), clean up the caliper pis­tons, lube with red rub­ber grease, re­place the cor­roded bolts and fit new Brembo SX brake pads, as rec­om­mended by other 954 own­ers. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Ped’s all set for an en­joy­able week­end…

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