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Tester James Archibald

Time tested Four months/400 miles

What’s good? Who needs high-vis cloth­ing when you can have this Thun­der 3 lid? It’s about as bright as the sun shin­ing at mid­day in the Sa­hara. The Thun­der 3 of­fers an im­pres­sive spec­i­fi­ca­tion for a hel­met that comes in at un­der £100, fea­tur­ing a drop-down sun visor and a re­mov­able lin­ing. The visor will also take a Pin­lock in­sert, which it def­i­nitely needs…

What’s not? Un­for­tu­nately, there’s a fun­da­men­tal flaw with this hel­met which has stopped me wear­ing it in any kind of cold weather. The chin bar sits way too close to my face, mean­ing that when I breathe, the hel­met fogs – to the point where I can’t ac­tu­ally see when the visor is closed. The front vent isn’t ef­fec­tive enough to clear it prop­erly ei­ther. The prob­lem may be solved with an ad­di­tional Pin­lock in­sert but this will set you back a fur­ther £19.99. But for me it won’t make too much dif­fer­ence as I wear glasses, which used with this lid, suf­fer with the same prob­lem when the visor is closed.

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