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Dun­lop Road­s­mart III £224

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Sizes avail­able: Front: 110/80 x 18, 110/80 x 19, 120/70 x 17, 120/70 x 18, 120/70 x 19, 130/70 x 17 Rear: 140/70 x 18, 150/70 x 17, 160/60 x 17, 170/60 x 17, 170/60 x 18, 180/55 x 17, 1180/60 x 17, 190/50 x 17, 190/55 x 17. Weight: 5kg front, 7.8kg rear

Dun­lop say “The Road­s­mart III of­fers pre­ci­sion han­dling and sta­bil­ity without com­pro­mise. The in­no­va­tive new tread de­sign and nano technology com­pound pro­vide max­i­mum grip and per­for­mance on both wet and dry roads while de­liv­er­ing im­proved mileage and grip. An en­tirely re­vised rayon ply car­cass re­quires sig­nif­i­cantly less steer­ing in­put and of­fers more pre­cise han­dling, while main­tain­ing trade­mark con­fi­dence and re­li­able feed­back. There are two types of rear avail­able: stan­dard for heav­ier/tour­ing bikes and SP for light­weight ma­chines.”

TEST RE­SULTS Com­fort 4/5

There’s a dis­tinct sporty feel to th­ese tyres; yes, they’re com­fort­able but they don’t have the plush­ness you’d ex­pect from a tra­di­tional sport­s­tour­ing tyre. They’re by no means harsh over bumps, but there’s def­i­nitely a stiffer feel to them.

Front- end feel/agility 5/5

This is ex­cel­lent – again there’s a sporty char­ac­ter­is­tic to th­ese tyres that gives you a sense you’ve got a set of tyres that are at the sportier end of the sports-tour­ing spec­trum and they make the steer­ing re­ally light and easy. At no point do you have to wait for the bike to set­tle be­fore giv­ing it the next in­put. Im­pres­sive.

Rear- end feel 5/5

Rear feed­back is ex­cel­lent; there’s a def­i­nite con­nec­tion from throt­tle to rear tyre, and at no point did I hes­i­tate when get­ting back on the gas. Very con­fi­dence in­spir­ing.

Sta­bil­ity 3/5

High-speed (115mph+) straight-line sta­bil­ity was a lit­tle com­pro­mised, as there was a hint of ner­vous­ness from the han­dle­bars. Apart from this, at road-le­gal speeds the sta­bil­ity was good, both on the straights and when leaned over in long-ra­dius corners.

Over­all 17/20

A tyre for rid­ers who are on the sportier side of the sports-tour­ing coin. They’re quick to warm up, and have a def­i­nite sporty feel – in fact they vastly out­per­formed the Tracer’s stock sus­pen­sion and brakes so would be ideal for a much sportier bike. The high-speed sta­bil­ity is­sues may just be a par­tic­u­lar quirk of th­ese tyres on the Tracer so may not man­i­fest on other models, or you may be able to tune it out by mak­ing a slight ad­just­ment to the pres­sures.

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