Pirelli An­gel GT £245

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Sizes avail­able: Front 120/60 x 17, 120/70 x 17, 110/80 x 18, 120/70 x 18. Rear: 150/70 x 17, 160/60 x 17, 170/60 x 17, 180/55 x 17, 180/55 x 17, 190/50 x 17, 190/50 x 17, 190/55 x 17, 190/55 x 17, 160/60 x 18 Weight: 4.6kg front, 7kg rear

Pirelli say “Th­ese bring a sporty at­ti­tude typ­i­cal of Pirelli’s DNA to a wider range of con­di­tions. Ex­cel­lence in the wet, per­for­mance and grip, plus top han­dling, with con­sis­tency through­out the tyre’s life. Fea­tures a bi-com­pound tread.”

TEST RE­SULTS Com­fort 4/5

There’s an in­nate feel­ing of firm­ness – not harsh or choppy but they def­i­nitely make the ride qual­ity more sporty feel­ing than you’d ex­pect from a sports-tour­ing tyre.

Front- end feel/agility 5/5

Ex­cel­lent feed­back – par­tic­u­larly un­der brak­ing. The front’s re­ally com­mu­nica­tive on turn-in too so it al­lows you a greater mar­gin for er­ror be­cause they’ll let you brake deep into turns. Turn­ing char­ac­ter­is­tics share more in com­mon with a race tyre than a tra­di­tional tour­ing tyre; th­ese tyres re­ally quicken the bike’s steer­ing and give good accuracy. Clever.

Rear- end feel 5/5

There’s ex­cel­lent con­nec­tiv­ity from the throt­tle to the rear tyre, and you can af­ford to be a lit­tle bit more ag­gres­sive as grip feels lim­it­less.

Sta­bil­ity 4.5/5

Ex­cel­lent, but not quite as good as the very best on test in this area (Met­zel­ers). There’s no is­sues ei­ther at high speed or while lean­ing into turns, and they’re com­posed un­der hard ac­cel­er­a­tion and brak­ing.

Over­all 19.5/20

Th­ese are on a par with the best, but have a slightly sportier feel than you’d ex­pect from a sports-tour­ing tyre and they didn’t trans­form the bike in the same way as the best tyres so far. But you can’t fault them. Con­fi­dence-in­spir­ing and sta­ble, def­i­nitely a good choice for rid­ers who like to at­tack corners.

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