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Avon Spirit ST £212.17

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Sizes avail­able: Front: 100/90 x 18, 110/70 x 17, 110/80 x 19, 110/80 x 18, 120/60 x 17, 120/70 x 17, 120/70 x 18, 1290/70 x 19. Rear: 150/70 x 17, 150/80 x 16, 160/60 x 18, 160/70 x 17, 170/60 x 17, 180/55 x 17, 190/50 x 17, 190/55 x 17, 200/50 x 17, 200/55 x 17 Weight: 5.5kg front, 8kg rear

Avon say “An evo­lu­tion of the Storm 3D X-M, the Spirit is our lat­est ul­tra­high per­for­mance hy­per­sport tour­ing tyre. Highly loaded sil­ica com­pound com­bined with state-of-the-art poly­mer technology for wet and dry trac­tion and han­dling. In­ter­lock­ing three di­men­sional points hid­den in the sipes im­prove sta­bil­ity and grip, limit tread flex and al­low the tyre to warm up quickly. Multi-com­pound rear tyres for all-round tyre per­for­mance.”

TEST RE­SULTS Com­fort 5/5

Ex­cel­lent. Th­ese en­hance the per­for­mance of the Tracer’s sus­pen­sion so it rides over the smaller and high-fre­quency bumps much bet­ter than it does with its stan­dard tyres. The ride is re­ally plush.

Front- end feel/agility 4.5/5

Th­ese are an­other set of tyres that feel re­ally sporty – they liven up the steer­ing but do so without adding too much ag­gres­sion, so there’s still a nice rate of turn at cor­ner en­try. Brak­ing feel is good too, far ex­ceed­ing the bike’s brak­ing per­for­mance as de­fined by its overly cau­tious ABS. They per­form more like sports rub­ber than a sports-tour­ing tyre.

Rear- end feel 4/5

It had ac­tu­ally started to driz­zle a lit­tle bit, but th­ese tyres al­lowed me to carry on as if it was bone dry. On the Tracer, I could lean hard on the throt­tle at cor­ner ex­its in com­plete con­fi­dence, mean­ing that they’ve got more than enough grip and con­nec­tiv­ity for sporty road rid­ing.

Sta­bil­ity 5/5

Ul­tra-sta­ble, as good as the best we’ve tested so far. Re­gard­less of whether it is flick­ing through high-speed changes of di­rec­tion, or com­pletely flat out in a straight line, th­ese tyres vastly im­prove the stan­dard bike’s feel in this area. They’re rock solid mid-cor­ner too. Im­pres­sive con­sid­er­ing that they’re also quite sprightly in terms of steer­ing and agility.

Over­all 18.5/20

They’re im­pres­sive from new, re­quir­ing min­i­mal scrub­bing in and warm up quickly. But the tread showed sig­nif­i­cant wear af­ter only min­i­mal hard use – long-term test­ing will show how they last.

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