Bridge­stone T30 Evo £233

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Sizes avail­able: Front: 110/70 x 17, 110/80 x 18, 110/80 x 19, 120/60 x 17, 120/70 x 17, 120/70 x 18. Rear: 140/70 x 18, 150/70 x 17, 160/60 x 17, 160/60 x 18, 160/70 x 17, 170/60 x 17, 180/55 x 17, 190/50 x 17, 190/55 x 17 Weight: 5kg front, 7kg rear

Bridge­stone say “While in­her­it­ing the fine han­dling and su­pe­rior dry per­for­mance of the T30, the T30 Evo has im­proved per­for­mance in the wet with new tread com­pounds and a newly de­signed tread pat­tern. Of­fer­ing the high dry and wet per­for­mance as well as straight-line sta­bil­ity re­quired for a tour­ing tyre, the T30 Evo makes long-dis­tance tour­ing safer and more en­joy­able than be­fore.”

TEST RE­SULTS Com­fort 4/5

They’re a lit­tle on the stiff side, feel­ing more sporty in terms of ride qual­ity than a tra­di­tional sports-tour­ing tyre. That said, they deal well with dis­pers­ing some of Brunt­ingth­orpe’s more high­fre­quency bumps – they just smooth things out.

Front- end feel/agility 4/5

I espe­cially felt well sup­ported un­der brak­ing. There’s lots of feel com­ing through the tyre when the bike is up­right and the front is fully loaded, and that makes you con­fi­dent when brak­ing hard, or in an emer­gency sit­u­a­tion. How­ever, they lack a lit­tle bit of feel when leaned over in corners and this man­i­fested it­self as me not be­ing able to com­mit fully on cor­ner en­tries, so I was a lit­tle more ten­ta­tive. But that said, I had no is­sues with out­right grip.

Rear- end feel 4/5

I of­ten found my­self hav­ing to wait for the rear to set­tle a lit­tle bit be­fore I could get on the gas – they felt a lit­tle choppy when cor­ner­ing on the side of the tyre. But this only man­i­fested it­self when I was re­ally push­ing on, and over­all grip is very good. Th­ese tyres just don’t give you that keyed-into-the-tar­mac feel that some of the oth­ers do.

Sta­bil­ity 4/5

Straight-line sta­bil­ity at all speeds is ex­cel­lent, so too is com­po­sure on the brakes. As men­tioned, al­though th­ese tyres felt a lit­tle choppy mid-cor­ner and while wait­ing to get on the gas this did not re­sult in any loss of com­po­sure; at no point was there any head shak­ing or slid­ing.

Over­all 16/20

This tyre per­forms well, has plenty of dry grip and gives the bike a sport­ing ride qual­ity; they even make the bike it­self feel a lit­tle taller. They just lack those fi­nal few de­grees of feel that some of the bet­ter per­form­ing tyres give, mean­ing it’s some­times hard to give them your full con­fi­dence when turn­ing in or pow­er­ing out.

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