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AVON STORM 3D X-M AV65 Front & AV66 Rear £190 Com­posed tyres that give good grip from cold. AVON SPIRIT ST £212 See re­view in test BRIDGE­STONE T30 EVO £233 See re­view in test BRIDGE­STONE T30/GT £240 The Evo ver­sion above im­proves on the T30, but the base tyre still fits a wide range of bikes. BRIDGE­STONE BT-023/GT £204 Big mileage, good grip and at a cheaper price than the T30. BRIDGE­STONE BT-021 £181 Old tech, but good value. CON­TI­NEN­TAL ROA­D­AT­TACK 3 £254 See re­view in test CON­TI­NEN­TAL ROA­D­AT­TACK 2 EVO £221 Soft and grippy with fast warm-up and scrub in. CON­TI­NEN­TAL CONTI ROA­D­AT­TACK 2/GT £221 GT ver­sion of the above to suit heav­ier bikes. CON­TI­NEN­TAL CONTIMOTION £160 Bud­get op­tion. DUN­LOP ROAD­S­MART III £224 See re­view in test. DUN­LOP ROAD­S­MART II £195 Im­pres­sive sports-tour­ing tyre. DUN­LOP ROAD­S­MART £190 Eight years old, but a good tyre. DUN­LOP GPR-300 £149 No non­sense, sin­gle com­pound tyre avail­able for small and large sports­bikes. MAXXIS SU­PER­MAXX ST £179 See re­view in test MAXXIS SU­PER­MAXX DI­A­MOND MA-3DS £150 Bud­get sports-tour­ing choice. MAXXIS SU­PER­MAXX TOUR­ING M6029 £138 En­try-level tour­ing tyre that’s cheap and prom­ises longevity. MET­ZELER ROAD­TEC 01 £256 See re­view in test. MET­ZELER ROAD­TEC Z8 IN­TER­ACT £204 Cheaper than new Road­tec 01, but still a great choice of tyre. MET­ZELER ROAD­TEC Z6 £178 Pop­u­lar mid-2000s tyre is a de­cent bud­get op­tion. MICHE­LIN PI­LOT ROAD 4 £237 See re­view in test. MICHE­LIN PI­LOT ROAD 4 GT £237 Ver­sion of the PR4 (above) for cer­tain heav­ier bikes. MICHE­LIN PI­LOT ROAD 3 £211 Its siped de­sign con­vinced us all we could ride con­fi­dently on wet roads. It doesn’t last as well as the PR4, but it’s now cheaper. MICHE­LIN PI­LOT ROAD 2 £188 De­cent tyre for a low price, but only comes in the most com­mon sizes now. MICHE­LIN PI­LOT STREET RA­DIAL £167 Ra­dial sports-tour­ing tyre de­signed for light­weight ma­chines. PIRELLI AN­GEL GT £245 See re­view in test PIRELLI AN­GEL ST £169 Bud­get sports-tour­ing op­tion avail­able in the core sizes.

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