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The Racetec RR is the lat­est evo­lu­tion of the Racetec In­ter­act and comes di­rectly from Met­zeler’s ex­pe­ri­ence in road rac­ing. This en­vi­ron­ment chal­lenges a tyre as it has to work in high and low tem­per­a­tures, at high av­er­age speeds on a wide va­ri­ety of sur­faces, and even take the odd jump into ac­count. The new RR is de­signed to suit all of th­ese sit­u­a­tions.

Ac­cord­ing to Met­zeler, the main ben­e­fits of this lat­est ver­sion are im­proved grip, pre­cise and sta­ble han­dling and con­sis­tent per­for­mance. Un­like the old Racetec In­ter­act, all the sizes and com­pounds are road le­gal. The Racetec RR is avail­able in three com­pounds, K1, K2 and K3. K1 is the soft­est com­pound with a blue stripe in the tread, K2 medium has a green stripe, and K3 is the hard com­pound with a yel­low stripe and let­ter­ing. They were tested at Jerez by MCN’S Chief Road Tester Michael Neeves.

What are they like?

Racetec RRS give a con­sis­tent and sta­ble feel, speedy warm up and great feed­back. Within a few corners of our test at the Jerez cir­cuit in Spain, the road-le­gal rub­ber was al­most up to tem­per­a­ture, giv­ing the con­fi­dence to push to­wards the end of my very first lap.

Once up to tem­per­a­ture the new Racetec rub­ber de­liv­ers a huge amount of grip, which gives con­fi­dence to reach el­bow-down lean an­gles of lean.

We have tested both the racy K2 com­pound and the more road-ori­ented K3 ver­sion, on a se­lec­tion of the lat­est 1000cc sports­bikes. There’s a no­tice­able dif­fer­ence be­tween the two com­pounds — the K2 is a race tyre of­fer­ing huge amounts of grip but won’t have the stay­ing power of the K3.

In fact, we were very im­pressed with the longevity of the K3. Af­ter a full day of test­ing we at­tempted a 40-minute con­tin­u­ous track stint on the K3, the equiv­a­lent of two laps of the TT course. The K3 was con­sis­tent through­out, which was re­ally im­pres­sive. It was so con­sis­tent we could make the rear slide by a frac­tion on the exit of a fast third-gear cor­ner by in­creas­ing exit speed a lit­tle each lap un­til even­tu­ally find­ing the limit. On each lap the grip was al­most iden­ti­cal, which meant pro­gres­sively push­ing back my brak­ing and exit points and re­ly­ing on hav­ing the same amount of grip on each lap.

Sta­bil­ity was ex­cel­lent at Jerez, but a tyre that’s sta­ble at the Isle of Man TT and North West 200 is al­ways go­ing to make easy work of a smooth track such as Jerez, where the speeds are also far slower. And de­spite of­fer­ing ex­cel­lent sta­bil­ity, the Racetecs didn’t hin­der the bike’s abil­ity to turn in, which is a big com­pli­ment.

Sizes avail­able:

Front: 120/70 ZR 17 in all com­pounds. Rear: 160/60 ZR17 (K2/K3), 180/55 ZR17 (K2/K3), 180/60 ZR 17 (K1/K2), 190/50 ZR 17 (K3), 190/55 ZR17 (K3), 200/55 (K1/2). K1=soft­est com­pound, K3=hard­est.

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