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Dun­lop’s new GP Racer D212 will give se­ri­ous track­day rid­ers and club rac­ers a chance to en­joy top-level tyre per­for­mance without the has­sles that can go with full-on com­pe­ti­tion rub­ber.

Re­plac­ing the GP Racer D211 (they’ll cost around the same), the new GP Racer D212 is based heav­ily on the French firm’s D212 GP Pro su­pers­port tyre, it­self a treaded ver­sion of the KR106/8 rac­ing slick used in Moto2.

The GP Racer D212 shares the D212 GP Pro’s ba­sic con­struc­tion, fast steer­ing character and tread pat­tern, but comes in new, friend­lier mul­ti­tread com­pounds that aren’t as track and tem­per­a­ture-sen­si­tive as a rac­ing tyre, so there’s less chance of the dreaded cold tear that can ruin a tyre in a few laps. They will be avail­able in a choice of two front com­pounds – Soft and Medium – and two NTEC rears – Medium and En­durance – in both slick and treaded va­ri­eties.

What are they like?

We got the chance to test the new GP Racer D212s, hot off their warm­ers, at Dun­lop’s 1.8-mile test track at Mireval, near Mont­pel­lier, on a road-go­ing R1 and ZX-10R us­ing the harder Medium/ En­durance front and rear, and Dun­lop’s race-prepped R1 test bike fit­ted with the Soft/medium com­pounds. On both 1000cc road bikes, with their soft sus­pen­sion set-ups, there’s more grip than you know what to do with at ei­ther end. But it’s only when you try them on a ma­chine like the race-prepped R1 with stiffer, cleaner han­dling, in­creased ground clear­ance and racier brakes and power that you can re­ally pick out what th­ese new tyres are all about.

Front grip is ab­so­lute and you can throw the gnarly R1 on its side with ridicu­lous speed and con­fi­dence. Changes of di­rec­tion through flipflops are a piece of cake and there’s loads of rear grip, too. Bikes with over 200bhp can make even the best race tyres drift, but the GP Rac­ers slide pro­gres­sively and with bags of feel.

Ca­pa­ble of post­ing lap times com­par­i­ble with Dun­lop’s full-on race tyres, the GP Pro and KR106/8 slicks, the D212 is a no-brainer for track­days. But whether you’d be brave enough to line up for a club race on a track­day tyre when the rest of the grid is on race stuff is an­other ques­tion. The grip and dura­bil­ity are there, so why not?

Sizes avail­able:

Front: 120/70 ZR17. Rear 160/60 ZR17, 180/55 ZR17, 190/55 ZR17, 200/55 ZR17 Q Con­tact www.dun­l­op­mo­tor­cy­cle.eu

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