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The Con­ti­tour is an all-new tyre de­vel­oped specif­i­cally for the cus­tom and cruiser mar­ket. In de­vel­op­ing this lat­est rub­ber, Con­ti­nen­tal used a Har­ley-david­son Road Glide Ul­tra as the de­vel­op­ment bike – the heav­i­est ma­chine in its class – in or­der to en­sure tyre wall in­tegrity and sta­bil­ity in all sit­u­a­tions.

Conti sub­jected the new rub­ber to thou­sands of miles of road and track test­ing, both in Ger­many and the US, to prove their new Mileage­plus com­pound technology gave ex­tended tyre life and a more con­sis­tent per­for­mance. Wet weather test­ing also tested whether the high­per­for­mance tread pat­tern shifts more wa­ter from around the con­tact patch. Con­ti­nen­tal also say that the solid cen­tral band on the rear tyre im­proves sta­bil­ity un­der ac­cel­er­a­tion and in­creases mileage, while the spe­cially de­signed car­cass of­fers im­proved com­fort and light, easy han­dling.

What are they like?

MCN rode a Har­ley Road King fit­ted with the new Con­ti­tour around Mal­lorca. At high speed the big bike was per­fectly sta­ble with a re­as­sur­ing feel. Rid­ing through some of the stunning, sin­u­ous roads was ef­fort­less, as the tyres al­lowed the bike to gently roll from one side to an­other with lin­ear ef­fort at the Har­ley’s bars. There were a few damp patches on our test route where nor­mally we would have ex­pected some move­ment or loss of feel, but the new tyres gave zero cause for con­cern.

Con­ti­nen­tal have re­ally moved things on with the Con­ti­tour; it will po­ten­tially trans­form the feel and en­hance the ride qual­ity of your bike. And give an in­crease of safety mar­gin in wet and cold con­di­tions.

Sizes avail­able:

Front: 130/90 16 67H, 130/80 17 65H, 130/70 18 63H, 100/9 19 57H, 80/90 21 48H. Rear: 130/90 15 66P, 140/90 15 70H, 150/90 15 80H, 170/80 15 77H, 130/90 16 73H, 140/90 16 71H, 150/80 16 77H, 180/65 16 81H, MT90 16 74H, MU85 16 77H.


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