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So far there’s not been a great se­lec­tion of gen­uine dirt-friendly rub­ber for the likes of the R1200GS and Yamaha Su­per Ténéré. Miche­lin are aim­ing to rec­tify that with their new Anakee Wild; the first ra­dial block-tread tyre pitched as a per­fect 50/50 on-road, off-road mix.

What are they like?

We fit­ted the Wilds to a 2014 liq­uid­cooled R1200GS that gets rid­den off-road a lot. The bike usu­ally runs Con­ti­nen­tal TKC80S, which are a good all-round tyre, but they come un­stuck in muddy con­di­tions where the front-end tends to want to wash away.

The ex­tra front-end grip from the Wild is im­me­di­ate. You can push much harder with the bike not feel­ing like it wants to slip from un­der­neath you. Rear trac­tion is also good.

With trac­tion control switched off you have to be ag­gres­sive with the throt­tle in or­der for the rear to spin up. On the road, like all block-tread tyres, the Wilds take some get­ting used to.

We found them less wooden at slow speeds than the TKC80S and once bed­ded in they roll nicely into corners and even in wet con­di­tions they give plenty of con­fi­dence. But we’d be ly­ing if we said th­ese block-tread tyres don’t spoil a big ad­ven­ture bike’s on-road re­fine­ment.

At speed the bike wan­ders (espe­cially with pan­niers on) and the new Wilds are very noisy, so it takes de­cent earplugs to can­cel out the con­stant road whine.

But that’s the in­evitable com­pro­mise with this type of tyre, and if you want good grip off-road you have to sac­ri­fice some on-road ca­pa­bil­ity. In fact, we’d say they were more 70/30 bi­ased to­wards off-road­ing than the claimed 50/50. As for longevity, judg­ing by early wear rates we’d ex­pect around 3000 miles from the rear. Def­i­nitely rec­om­mended if off-road abil­ity is what you need.

Sizes avail­able:

Front: 110/80 R19 59R, 120/70 R19 60R, 80/90-21 48S, 90/90-21 54R. Rear: 110/80 R18 58S, 120/80 R18 62S,130/80 R17 65R, 140/80 R17 69R, 150/70 R17 69R, 170/60 R17 72R Q Con­tact www.moto.miche­lin.co.uk

So grippy the bike stands up by it­selfé

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