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Road-le­gal su­per­stock rac­ing-style rub­ber for the ul­ti­mate in per­for­mance. Per­fectly suited for ex­pe­ri­enced sports­bike rid­ers on track. Read all about the lat­est Dun­lop GP Racer D212.

Road-le­gal rub­ber for high­per­for­mance rid­ing or su­per­stock rac­ing. Works best in dry, warm con­di­tions or on track. Of­ten avail­able in a choice of com­pounds.


BRIDGE­STONE RS10 £261 In­tro­duced in 2015, tak­ing ad­van­tage of lessons the com­pany learnt as tyre sup­plier to Mo­togp. BRIDGE­STONE BT-090 PRO £192 Pop­u­lar tyre for smaller ma­chines that keeps bat­tling on. CON­TI­NEN­TAL Conti Raceat­tack Comp. En­durance £265 Spor­ti­est Con­ti­nen­tal for the road is a rac­ing tyre with a longer­last­ing ‘en­durance’ com­pound. CON­TI­NEN­TAL Con­ti­at­tack SM £227 Street tyre for su­per­moto bikes. CON­TI­NEN­TAL Roa­d­at­tack 2 CR £283 Road le­gal ra­dial tyres for road and track use on clas­sic bikes. CON­TI­NEN­TAL Clas­sic At­tack £273 Ra­dial tyres for clas­sics. DUN­LOP SPORTMAX MU­TANT £234 Street tyre for su­per­moto rid­ers. MET­ZELER RACETEC RR K3 £273 See re­view. PIRELLI DIABLO SU­PER­CORSA SP V2 £283 Plush ride, sharp steer­ing and great grip. You’ll re­ally need to be go­ing some to make them slide.


AVON 3D UL­TRA XTREME AV81 Front & AV82 Rear £242 Im­proved mid-cor­ner grip and sta­bil­ity. Come in AC1 (su­per­soft), AC2 (soft), and AC3 (medium). BRIDGE­STONE R10 RAC­ING EVO/R10 £285 Su­per­stock and su­pers­port rac­ing tyre avail­able with an EVO rear in some sizes to give bet­ter cor­ner ex­its. CON­TI­NEN­TAL Con­tiraceat­tack Comp £285 Softer com­pound ver­sion of Conti’s track tyres. DUN­LOP D212 GP PRO £302 For se­ri­ous track­day­ers or rac­ers. DUN­LOP GP RACER D212 £284 See re­view. Also avail­able as a slick. DUN­LOP AL­PHA 13 £236 Hy­per­sport tyre that’s H-rated for small and mid­dleweight ma­chines. MET­ZELER RACETEC RR K1 & K2 £363 New tyre in K1 (soft) and K2 (medium) com­pounds that are specif­i­cally fo­cused for track use. MICHE­LIN POWER CUP EVO £287 Road-le­gal track­day tyre. PIRELLI DIABLO SU­PER­CORSA SC V2 £366 We were very im­pressed by the grip and han­dling on track.

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