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With 29 dif­fer­ent tyres in this wildly di­verse cat­e­gory, find out where the new Pirelli Scor­pion Rally STR and Avon Trekrider fit in. Plus, 22 op­tions for rid­ers of light­weight com­muters and clas­sics.

AVON TRAILRIDER AV53 Front & AV54 Rear £207 Aims to de­liver 90% road and 10% off-road ca­pa­bil­ity. AVON TREKRIDER £188 See re­view. BRIDGE­STONE A40 £190.50 Dual-sport tyre that of­fers loads of grip. BRIDGE­STONE BAT­TLE WING BW-501 (f) & BW-502 (r) £210 Off-road-style tyre, works well on mid­dleweights. BRIDGE­STONE TRAIL WING £208 The Trail Wing is an older gen­er­a­tion trailie tyre. Road bi­ased, but ok on light trails. CON­TI­NEN­TAL CONTITRAIL AT­TACK 2 £199.50 Dual-sport for big ad­ven­ture bikes. CON­TI­NEN­TAL CONTI ES­CAPE £157.50 Chunky tyres for roads & light off- road on smaller ad­ven­ture bikes. CONTI TKC80 Twin­duro £206.50 Knob­blies that cope on the road. CON­TI­NEN­TAL TKC 70 £206.50 More off-road bi­ased than the Track­at­tack2. DUN­LOP TRAILSMART £202.50 See re­view. DUN­LOP TRAILMAX TR91 £187.50 Older ad­ven­ture tyre. MET­ZELER TOURANCE NEXT £207.50 De­vel­oped for the lat­est R1200GS. MET­ZELER TOURANCE £154.50 The hard-wear­ing orig­i­nal. MET­ZELER EN­DURO 1 & 2 £184 Road tyre, ca­pa­ble on light trails. MET­ZELER EN­DURO 3 SA­HARA £184.50 De­signed for roads, trails, gravel and even rid­ing in sand. MET­ZELER KA­ROO 3 £166.50 Road-le­gal knob­bly. MICHE­LIN ANAKEE WILD £185 See re­view. MICHE­LIN ANAKEE III £228 90% road, 10% off-road. MICHE­LIN PI­LOT ROAD 4 TRAIL £208.50 Road-only ad­ven­ture bike-sized ver­sion of the pop­u­lar sports-tour­ing tyre. MICHE­LIN ANAKEE II £156.50 Cheaper Anakee III al­ter­na­tive. MICHE­LIN SIRAC £148 Road/trail tyre for mid­dleweights. MICHE­LIN T63 £193 Roadle­gal knob­bly for small and mid­dleweight trailies. PIRELLI SCOR­PION RALLY STR £202 See re­view. PIRELLI SCOR­PION TRAIL II £208.50 Up­dated ver­sion of be­low… PIRELLI SCOR­PION TRAIL £175 Sports-tour­ing style tyre. PIRELLI MT 60R CORSA £214 Street bi­ased dual-pur­pose tyre. PIRELLI MT 60RS CORSA £236.50 They come as stan­dard on Du­cati’s Scram­bler. PIRELLI MT90 A/T SCOR­PION £164 Road-go­ing knob­bly. PIRELLI MT 21 RALLYCROSS £133 Road-le­gal knob­bly that works well for off-road rid­ing.

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