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The new Miche­lin Power RS and Dun­lop Sports­mart2 Max join the cat­e­gory for rid­ers who are look­ing for sport­ing agility and per­fect grip on the road.

Th­ese are de­signed for rid­ers who en­joy fast road rid­ing, the oc­ca­sional track­day and want a tyre that works well in all weathers. Prices are based on a 120/70 x 17; 180/55 x 17 pair from

AVON 3D UL­TRA SPORT AV79 Front & AV80 Rear £168 Sporty road tyre de­signed to warm up quickly and give good feel. BRIDGE­STONE S21 £238 See re­view. BRIDGE­STONE S20 EVO £207 Up­graded S20 built to last longer and per­form bet­ter on track. BRIDGE­STONE S20 £190 Su­per­seded by S20 Evo and S21, but still OE on some bikes. BRIDGE­STONE BT-016 PRO £174 They’ll take all you can throw at them on the road. Good value. CON­TI­NEN­TAL Con­tisportat­tack 3 £249 See re­view. CON­TI­NEN­TAL Con­tisportat­tack 2 £232 De­vel­oped for the BMW S1000RR. CON­TI­NEN­TAL Con­tisportat­tack £168 Lower-priced al­ter­na­tive to the newer Spor­tat­tack 2. DUN­LOP SPORTS­MART2 Max £261 See re­view. DUN­LOP QUAL­I­FIER II £207 Mainly of in­ter­est now to those who need a 16in front tyre. DUN­LOP QUAL­I­FIER £155 Dun­lop’s en­try-level sports tyre and the pre­de­ces­sor of the Qual­i­fier II. Cheap but it’s old tech. MAXXIS SU­PER­MAXX SPORT MA-PS FROM £138 Fast-warm­ing tyres that are well­priced and pop­u­lar. MET­ZELER SPORTEC M7 RR £249 See re­view. MET­ZELER SPORTEC M5 IN­TER­ACT £202 Con­fi­dence-in­spir­ing tyres for those who don’t want to splash the ex­tra for newer M7-RRS. MICHE­LIN POWER RS £247 See re­view. MICHE­LIN PI­LOT POWER 3 £208 Tyres that de­liver de­cent per­for­mance in all con­di­tions. MICHE­LIN PI­LOT POWER 2CT £182 Lower priced al­ter­na­tive to the newer Pi­lot Power 3. MICHE­LIN PI­LOT POWER £151 Miche­lin’s en­try level sports tyre. Sin­gle-com­pound means it won’t last as long as its suc­ces­sors. PIRELLI DIABLO ROSSO CORSA £263 Fast road rid­ing and oc­ca­sional track­days. PIRELLI DIABLO ROSSO III £250 See re­view. PIRELLI DIABLO ROSSO 2 £187 All-round sports tyre. PIRELLI DIABLO £159 Al­ter­na­tive to the Diablo Rosso 2. PIRELLI PHAN­TOM SPORTSCOMP £164 Ra­dial for clas­sics that com­bines mod­ern tech with a vin­tage look.

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