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Jef­feries and Mcguin­ness made their mark on the TT while sports­bikes ruled the roads

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Eigh­teen years ago the world was very dif­fer­ent. The best­selling bike in the UK was a CBR600, while to­day Honda don’t even bother mak­ing one – they just put a fair­ing on a mid­dle-rank­ing naked in­stead. But it wasn’t just that: the top-class of GPS were 500cc two-strokes, most homes in the UK didn’t have the internet and Face­book, Twitter and Youtube were more than five-odd years from go­ing on­line.

But bik­ing was bril­liant. The sum­mer of 1999 was long and hot and the bikes were very, very good. The 600 class hadn’t dis­ap­peared up its own ex­haust out­let, 1000cc sports­bikes worked at speeds that nor­mal peo­ple could han­dle and we were all wowed by Suzuki’s all­new, high-speed Hayabusa. Peo­ple in suits were mut­ter­ing about new laws, but bikes couldn’t get faster than this, could they?

‘Those who risk noth­ing, do noth­ing, achieve noth­ing, be­come noth­ing’ DAVID JEF­FERIES NINE-TIMES TT WIN­NER

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