‘I can’t help it, I’m si- cu­ri­ous’

Side­cars fetch de­cent money – even if they’re not at­tached to a bike!

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Can’t re­mem­ber if I men­tioned it, but I scratched my side­car itch a short while ago by buy­ing a BMW R65 and Wat­so­nian combo from a mate for £2200. Un­for­tu­nately the other half, af­ter a cou­ple of ex­per­i­men­tal sor­ties in the chair, firmly de­clared: “Never again” and it went to an­other mate (for £2300) whose mis­sus said ex­actly the same thing.

He liked the R65, though, so he re­moved the chair and sold it sep­a­rately for two grand. Which means he got a lovely con­di­tion R65 for three hun­dred quid. The Force Is Strong With This One.

That in­trigued me, so I started look­ing again at side­car com­bos and side­cars on their own, purely out of aca­demic in­ter­est, you un­der­stand.

I’ve known for a while that de­cent used com­bos sell, and for good money, be­cause there are al­ways peo­ple who feel the side­car bug nib­bling and want to ex­per­i­ment – the si- cu­ri­ous, if you will.

A 1200 Gold Wing with a Wat­so­nian chair and lead­ing link forks is ev­i­dently worth £2750, and some­body re­cently de­cided six grand was worth pay­ing for a Tri­umph 955 Day­tona and low, sleek chair.

But I never knew how much tatty side­cars, not hitched to any­thing and in any sort of con­di­tion, are fetch­ing. For just a few bits of tube and a wheel, you’ll pay a cou­ple of hun­dred quid. For a fully re­stored unit from the 1930s, sev­eral grand. In be­tween that, the choice is mas­sive. Lone­some Squire and Wat­so­nian chairs fetch be­tween £500 and £1000. Some­body re­cently sold a unit home-made from the drop tank of WW2 Hawker Tem­pest. It didn’t even have a wheel, but it fetched over £1100. So there’s no price guide… any­thing and ev­ery­thing is in play when it comes to out­fits. Have fun. NEXT WEEK Is there such a thing as a good sub-£500 learner bike?

Never again said Mrs Mur­ray… and it looked such fun

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