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I have been told that I should get my own hel­met for my CBT rather than rely on bor­row­ing a school hel­met. But as I only work part-time I don’t have a lot of money. What are my op­tions? An­drew Stock­ton, Bolton


An­swered by Keith Rois­set­ter, In­fin­ity Mo­tor­cy­cles There’s a pretty de­cent se­lec­tion around th­ese days for not a lot of cash. Fit is all-im­por­tant, so go to a dealer and try a va­ri­ety on. An on­line pur­chase won’t come with much backup, espe­cially if you have worn the hel­met for more than a few min­utes, and there’s a big trade in cheap (and very nasty) copies. Plain lids are gen­er­ally cheaper than multi-coloured ones. Some to look for are the Box BX1, LS2 Rookie and the Dex­ter Prime.

If your bud­get stretches far enough, check out a Spada SP16 with an in­built sun visor. Shop around and you can also quite of­ten find some de­cent HJCS like the CLST re­duced to the bar­gain base­ment.

Spada SP16 Box BX1 Dex­ter Prime LS2 Rookie HJC CLST £59.99 £49.99 £49.99 £54.99 £79.99

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