Trou­ble-free MOT tests

Avoid those silly nig­gly fail­ures

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Is the size right?

You will fail if your num­ber­plate isn’t stan­dard. It needs to meet the re­quire­ments on the DVLA web­site, so if you’re run­ning a smaller plate you’ll need to get a pukka one.

Tired tyres?

Ex­ces­sively worn or dam­aged tyres are an in­stant fail. The MOT de­mands that bikes above 50cc have at least 1mm of tread across three quar­ters of the tyre’s width.

Worn bear­ings?

With the front wheel off the ground grab the tyre on op­po­site sides and try to move it from side to side. Like­wise, with the head bear­ings, hold the bot­tom of the forks and pull for­ward/back­ward and side to side.

Wipe the weep

Forks are damped by oil that’s held cap­tive by seals. Th­ese wear over time and can leave a smear of oil on the stan­chion. A blown seal will fail an MOT so re­place it prior to the test.

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