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Kawasaki’s KMX200 will soon start ris­ing in value

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Back in the early 1990s, Kawasaki sold a big­ger ver­sion of its KMX125 learner bike. There was a full-power ver­sion of the 125 also sold, but full li­cence­hold­ers grav­i­tated to the 200, be­cause it had a bet­ter power spread and also be­cause, well, given the choice be­tween a 125 and a 200 priced sim­i­larly, which would you go for? Pre­cisely.

Small two-stroke dirt bikes have al­ways been pop­u­lar: they’re lighter and more pow­er­ful than the four-stroke com­pe­ti­tion, and they’re just more fun.

The KMX200 would top 80mph, which made it quite use­ful as a road bike, and was good enough on the dirt to be en­tered into week­end en­duros with lit­tle more than a change of tyres and re­moval of the break­able sticky-out bits. And if you wanted more power, you could al­ways rob some more bits from the com­pe­ti­tion KDX200.

There aren’t many left around now – all dirt bikes lead a hard life, and al­most as many get stolen, ragged sense­less, and then torched.

It was also pretty much in a class of one. Suzuki had the TS250X, and Yamaha had the DT125LC and, nope, that was about it.

Al­most all two-strokes are go­ing up in value now, even MZS, and this re­ally is one of the best small trail bikes ever built – and it’s not an MZ. You’ll have a job find­ing a good one, but if you can do it buy the best lock and chain you can af­ford.

Green frame and an ex­pan­sion pipe look the busi­ness Judg­ing by the clocks, this KMX has been through a river

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