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“2006 marked a sig­nif­i­cant up­grade for the R6 with a com­pletely new en­gine man­age­ment sys­tem fea­tur­ing fly-by-wire for the first time. There was also the ad­di­tion of a slip­per clutch.

“Me­chan­i­cally they’re very good con­sid­er­ing the flog­ging most seem to get. If you’re look­ing at a used one, bear in mind that it will al­most cer­tainly have been rid­den on track and while they’re ca­pa­ble of tak­ing such abuse it's im­por­tant the ser­vic­ing is kept up. If you are do­ing track­days then change the brake fluid reg­u­larly.

“Oil changes are 6000 miles; oil, oil fil­ter, air fil­ter and spark plugs ev­ery 12,000. Use a top qual­ity fully syn­thetic 10W40 oil. If you are track-day­ing it change the oil as of­ten as you can. Valve ad­just­ment is 24,000. The sump plug and oil fil­ter are on the left side of the en­gine, the air fil­ter can be found by lift­ing and hing­ing up the fuel tank. The spark plugs can be ac­cessed by drop­ping the ra­di­a­tor. While this all sounds fairly sim­ple, the R6 is very com­pact and it’s easy to dis­lodge sen­sor con­nec­tions and small hoses. So think care­fully about your me­chan­i­cal abil­ity be­fore you tackle any­thing other than oil and fil­ter chang­ing.

“Look out for gear­box dam­age. This will typ­i­cally show as jump­ing out of the lower gears caused by clutch­less changes while pulling wheel­ies. To fix this, it's en­gine out and a bot­tom end strip which is ex­pen­sive. “Chas­sis-wise, the big thing to look out for is crash dam­age, so pay at­ten­tion to footrests and hang­ers, miss­ing or bro­ken hero blobs, bent han­dle­bars and lev­ers. Put your fin­gers be­tween the fork legs and the in­side edges of the fair­ing to check the gaps are the same. Look from the rear to see if the sub­frame is in line. “There are a huge amount of sus­pen­sion op­tions avail­able, from re-valv­ing the stock set up to the top-of-the-range ex­ot­ica. The only lim­it­ing fac­tor is money. “Here at Fl­itwick Mo­tor­cy­cles the most pop­u­lar tyres we fit to used Yamaha R6s are: Pirelli Rosso 3, Met­zeler M7RR and Bridge­stone S21.”

‘Me­chan­i­cally they’re very good con­sid­er­ing the flog­ging most get’

Bro­ken or worn hero blobs can be a sign that a ma­chine has had a hard life


Crash bungs are wel­come but check they are fit­ted prop­erly


CHARLES MARVELL Chief Tech­ni­cian at Fl­itwick Mo­tor­cy­cles, Bed­ford­shire

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