FUEL 17 litres @40mpg = 149 miles WEIGHT 220kg wet SEAT 805mm POWER 108bhp TORQUE 86ftlb THE RIDER Matt Wildee For­mer ed­i­tor of Per­for­mance Bikes loves track­days and clock­ing big miles HEIGHT 6ft 2in WEIGHT 85kg matt.wildee@mo­tor­cy­cle­

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I’ve been get­ting to know the R ninet Racer well over the last few weeks with time spent in the garage and on the dyno. Firstly, to in­crease ground clear­ance I’ve looked at the rear preload, re­duc­ing static sag from 12mm to 8mm. I’ve also re­duced re­bound by half-a-turn to stop the bike jack­ing down in long cor­ners. Th­ese changes help the bike hold a bet­ter line and drag its pegs less when rid­ing quickly. I’ve also re­moved the hero blobs. Once they’ve dragged on the tar­mac a few times they’re ra­zor-sharp and the bike leans so much on the side­stand that I’ve cut my shin brush­ing past it in the garage. It’s been on the dyno: 101.75bhp. Can, sys­tem and fu­elling module beckon.

108bhp at the crank = 101.75bhp at the wheel

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