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I’m go­ing to hard-wire a sat­nav power source to my FJR1300 and have read on var­i­ous fo­rums about the pros and cons of switched or un-switched con­nec­tions. If I go my pre­ferred route of switched live, will there be any in­ter­fer­ence to my in­ter­com head­set from the ig­ni­tion coil/cir­cuit? The plan is to take the power from the fuse panel sup­ply which runs from a fac­tory-fit­ted socket in the glove com­part­ment. Cant­corner, MCN Fo­rums

An­swered by Ernie, A FJR Own­ers Club To get a live feed that’s switched on and off along with the ig­ni­tion we wire the pos­i­tive to a switched live un­der the tank, then use an earth­ing point on the frame. We find the best earth point is a bolt by the steer­ing head for the clamp that holds the clutch hose on later mod­els and on early mod­els the 10mm bolt on the ’T’ piece frame un­der the tank. As for the power sup­ply, there’s a hefty con­nec­tor with a red wire and a brown one with a blue stripe, that brown one is the one to use. We like to splice the sat­nav wire into this and sol­der. Fin­ish off with some Amal­gam in­su­la­tion tape to keep mois­ture at bay. There shouldn’t be any in­ter­fer­ence on the head­set.

A switched con­nec­tion is the way to go for your hard-wired sat­nav

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