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Moto Morini are work­ing with Mupo to cre­ate the first pro­duc­tion mo­tor­cy­cle with mag­net­i­cally ad­justable sus­pen­sion. The Ital­ian sus­pen­sion brand al­ready pro­duce af­ter­mar­ket kits, but this will be the first time they’ve worked with a man­u­fac­turer to fully in­te­grate the sys­tem.

How it works

This test mule has con­ven­tional forks and rear shock with nor­mal springs, but they’re filled with a spe­cial fluid con­tain­ing me­tal­lic par­ti­cles. When a charge is in­tro­duced into the units, the vis­cos­ity of the fluid in­creases and de­creases in an in­stant, to con­trol re­bound and com­pres­sion. Con­ven­tional semi-ac­tive sus­pen­sion units have mo­tors to adjust the damp­ing that can’t re­act as fast.

The main ben­e­fit of elec­tronic sus­pen­sion is it can re­main soft for com­fort and grip, but stiffen to take the load of brak­ing and ac­cel­er­a­tion when you need it with­out the need for span­ners.

What does it feel like?

We twisted Morini’s arm to let us ride their pro­to­type. It’s work in progress, but it has all the hall­marks of semi-ac­tive sus­pen­sion, of­fer­ing a plush ride and a cos­set­ting sense of grip. The rear is par­tic­u­larly sup­port­ive on the throt­tle, but the forks are too harsh un­der brak­ing. At the mo­ment the sus­pen­sion is only work­ing from ba­sic in­for­ma­tion stored in the bike, but Moto Morini are work­ing on ad­ding more sen­sors to re­fine the sys­tem.

The new sus­pen­sion could be avail­able on se­lected mod­els as soon as next year.

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