Deal with wheel

Sim­ple steps to re­move your front wheel

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Loosen and lift

Use a socket to loosen (but not re­move) the front spin­dle nut. Then place the bike on its main stand, or a rear pad­dock stand, be­fore lift­ing the front wheel off the ground us­ing a front stand.

Brake out

Brake calipers are usu­ally held on with two bolts. Re­move the bolts then slide the calipers off the discs be­fore se­cur­ing them out of the way with a bungee to pre­vent them from swing­ing around.

Chock it

Place a block of wood un­der the tyre then slacken the spin­dle nut. slacken the pinch bolts on the bot­tom of the fork legs. Whip out spin­dle, and roll the wheel out pay­ing at­ten­tion to the spac­ers.

Re­fit the wheel

Roll the wheel back up on to the chock, re­place spin­dle and spac­ers. Re­fer to man­ual on cor­rect se­quence to retighten the bolts and spin­dle bolt. Re­fit calipers, then drop bike on to its wheels.

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