‘ Top-value lid has stacks of fea­tures’

LS2 Vec­tor C hel­met £249.99

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Tester Peter Baker Time tested four months/ 500 miles What’s good? If you like a hel­met with lots of fea­tures you’re in luck. The LS2 Vec­tor C comes with a car­bon com­pos­ite shell, irid­ium blue drop-down sun shield, quick-re­lease buckle, Pin­lock fog shield, two(!) chin cur­tains, breath de­flec­tor, quick­re­lease sys­tem... the list goes on.

Hid­ing be­hind the spec is a de­cent lid that weighs just 1314g (size M), has an easy to op­er­ate vi­sor re­lease mech­a­nism and is well fin­ished with a sub­tle che­quered ef­fect paint fin­ish. The fit is snug and it’s well padded, plus there’s space around the tem­ples for spec­ta­cle arms. The Vec­tor C is quiet too. The irid­ium drop-down sun shield is easy to op­er­ate and very ef­fec­tive. What’s not? When in­stalled the Pin­lock fog shield fouls the rub­ber rain seal, mak­ing the vi­sor stiff to open. The top air vents don’t seem to do much, but I’ve yet to try a vented lid that works ef­fec­tively, even on hel­mets cost­ing twice as much as the Vec­tor C. With both chin cur­tains in place and the vi­sor shut the lid is vir­tu­ally draft­free. Spec­ta­cle wear­ers will want to dis­card both the chin cur­tains oth­er­wise glasses fog up. Con­tact www.ls2hel­mets.com/uk Qual­ity ++++ + Value ++++ +

I am plan­ning to buy a used Yamaha YBR125, but it has two dents in the fuel tank and I’m wor­ried that it won’t pass an MOT in that con­di­tion. Mi­hai, email

An­swered by Chris Dabbs, A MCN It doesn’t mat­ter if the tank is dented. As long as it doesn’t leak or have any sharp edges on it where the dents are, all it will af­fect is the price you are willing to pay. You can some­times push the dents out with com­pressed air or with a suit­able bar through the filler neck, but it’s eas­ier to get another one off the web – they start from about £30.

Peo­ple who like these things are just plain wrong. Give me a dou­ble D ring The vi­sor re­lease mech­a­nism is well de­signed and easy to use The LS2 has the spec of a much pricier hel­met FOUR MON THS The LS2 is comfy and quiet out on the road

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