Where can I get Q heat-re­sis­tant ex­haust paint?

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Af­ter a few years of mud­plug­ging I need to re­spray the ex­haust of my Honda XL250. What is the best black ex­haust paint out there, and where can I get it? David Pax­ton, email

An­swered by Tony Greenslade, A Stinkwheels We make ex­hausts and re­store loads of trail bikes and we swear by spray cans of Würth Lac­quer Spray Matt. Some peo­ple sug­gest BBQ paint, but that comes out a dull matt, whereas the Würth dries to a lovely satin fin­ish and lasts too – it’s a prod­uct that re­ally does the job for you. All you need to do is rub the ex­haust down and set to. It goes on so well you feel like a pro­fes­sional sprayer!

Würth have seven pick-up stores around the coun­try, or you can get it on­line by sign­ing up for a trade ac­count at Würth, ei­ther a 30-day in­voic­ing ac­count or a credit card ac­count where you pay up­front for the goods. The cost is £5.40 for a 400ml can that will eas­ily do your pipe sev­eral times. The ref­er­ence is: Paint spray, nitro-alky­dal qual­ity, matt

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It’s worth look­ing at Würth…

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