Q Is there any way to beat sta­tor back­log?

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The sta­tor on my son’s Honda CB125F has de­vel­oped a fault to earth. There’s a wait­ing list for the £170 re­place­ments in this coun­try and he needs his bike to com­mute on. Is there an al­ter­na­tive to him tak­ing the bus for weeks? Clive Stacey, email

An­swered by A Michael Sim­mons, West­coun­try Wind­ings There are sev­eral com­pa­nies like us in the UK who can re­pair sta­tors, but it does de­pend on the orig­i­nal cause of the fail­ure. If it’s sim­ply that some of the in­su­la­tion has chipped off, caus­ing the sta­tor to earth through to the core, then it can be re­wound for £126 all-in.

How­ever, a lot of sta­tor fail­ures are due to prob­lems with the reg­u­la­tor rec­ti­fier. Its job is to dis­si­pate the charge pro­duced by the al­ter­na­tor that would oth­er­wise over­load the bat­tery. To work ef­fec­tively, reg/recs need a good earth.

On a lot of mod­els sev­eral earths are crimped to one main earth on the frame. If that be­comes fer­rous (with white furry de­posits) the cur­rent backs up, like a lorry queue on the M20, and over­loads the reg/rec, in turn caus­ing the sta­tor to burn. Re­place­ment reg/recs are of­ten earthed to the bat­tery ter­mi­nals.

You might be able to get your sta­tor re­wound for £126

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