The ZRX is mighty and meaty

Why this bul­let­proof Kawasaki is worth £2500 of any­one’s money NEXT WEEK why ebay sell­ers may not be all that they seem…

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I keep twitch­ing ev­ery time I see a Kawasaki ZRX1100R for sale. Partly be­cause I think that, in orig­i­nal Kawasaki lime green, they look stun­ning, partly be­cause I rode one some years ago and reck­oned then that a ZRX is one of the most con­vinc­ing big ret­ros (with a naughty edge the Suzuki GSX1400 and Yamaha both con­spic­u­ously lack) and partly be­cause I thought they were un­der­val­ued.

To a de­gree, they still are. The 1200S, with the big­ger framem­o­unted fair­ing, is ac­tu­ally a more prac­ti­cal bike to ride, but how many peo­ple buy Kawasakis for their prac­ti­cal­ity? No, paint it lime green, add a bikini fair­ing, make it rorty, and Kawasaki fiends sort of lose all sense of judge­ment and start putting their hands in their pock­ets.

You can get a 1200 for a cou­ple of grand, and it won’t break – hardly any­one can break a ZZR1100 en­gine, which is what it has, al­beit re­tuned. The red and dark ma­roon 1100s are ac­tu­ally slightly more than the 1200, but for the lime green mod­els, you’re look­ing at a min­i­mum of £2500 for a good one.

The 1200R is even rarer, and this is ab­so­lutely the one to have. I have just seen a mint 2000-miler, de­scribed as the best in the UK (which it al­most cer­tainly was), sell for £7000. If you’ve got one in your garage, don’t let some chancer steal it by say­ing: “Give yer two-anna-half grand for it. Best of­fer you’ll get.”

I didn’t sell my R60/6 at Kemp­ton Park jumble last week­end. Pun­ters were crawl­ing all over it and coo­ing at it, and say­ing the price of £3350 was ‘ fair’ but no­body ac­tu­ally put their hands in their pock­ets. How­ever, an ad on a fo­rum for old air­head BMWS has flushed out a prospec­tive buyer. Some­times spe­cial­ist sites for spe­cial­ist bikes pro­duce re­sults.

Red ones are smart but lime green bikes are even bet­ter

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