‘Maybe we’ve been lucky but hardly any­thing ever goes wrong’

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“When the 1200 Mul­tistrada first came out it was very ex­cit­ing, very new with the elec­tronic sus­pen­sion, trac­tion con­trol, ABS and modes.

“There were a few teething prob­lems with early ones, as al­ways, but they were soon sorted by the fac­tory. There were a few re­calls, just silly lit­tle things re­ally.

“But over­all it’s been very good, very re­li­able. Ob­vi­ously it had the 11° mo­tor in there which is very good, tried and tested, the same mo­tor that’s in the Di­avel with the rider modes that make it very com­fort­able. You’ve got the base model and the S model with the elec­tronic Öh­lins sus­pen­sion, which is con­trolled through the rider modes. You can also cus­tomise the set­tings as well, which was very good. Then in 2013 it went to the Sky­hook sus­pen­sion, which I think made it more ag­ile. Over­all, it’s sim­ply been very, very good.

“Ser­vice in­ter­vals were raised to ev­ery 9000 miles or 12 months. The cam­belts now have a life span of 18,000 miles or 60 months, which makes ser­vic­ing very rea­son­able. In fact they were quite rea­son­able any­way as it’s only a 1.5-2hour ser­vice, 2.5 with the flu­ids. It’s been a fan­tas­tic mo­tor. It’s got bags of torque. It’s just sub­lime. “As al­ways with Du­catis, and I al­ways say it, the guy down the road may be the best tech­ni­cian in the world but if he doesn’t have the lat­est ser­vice kits, fac­tory soft­ware up­dates and so on they’ll be left be­hind. Ev­ery time a bike comes in for a ser­vice with us they’re plugged in and up­dated and that might be the en­gine, it might be sus­pen­sion, it might be brakes. So you need to keep them ser­viced by an of­fi­cial dealer.

“Chas­sis-wise, again, they’ve been bril­liant. Maybe we’ve been lucky but hardly any­thing goes wrong and that’s true of the ba­sic one and the S.

“There are far, far more S mod­els out there and I’ve also been sur­prised how many Pikes Peak mod­els have been sold, too. They sell very, very well and make a good buy.

“Cos­met­i­cally, apart from some fas­ten­ers they’re very good. Their bright work has been fan­tas­tic. It’s just some fas­ten­ers and fix­ings on the older bikes, the 2011 and 2012 mod­els, you have to watch out for.”

‘Ser­vice in­ter­vals were raised to ev­ery 9000 miles’

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JOHN BUR­ROWS Ser­vice Man­ager at lead­ing dealer Du­cati Coven­try

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