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Q Can I get a jacket with a fe­male-flat­ter­ing fit?

My friends and I started out rid­ing pil­lion years ago, but now we’ve got our own bikes and we are start­ing to rack up the miles. So we are look­ing for se­ri­ous jack­ets that are cut for the fe­male shape as the rider. Holly Smith­son, email

An­swered by A Daisy Bell, Lady­ The Macna Shine is very warm and well cut. It’s also cut lower at the back which is use­ful as ladies’ arms tend to be shorter than men’s so we have lean fur­ther for­wards to reach the bars. Buf­falo are good at us­ing elas­tic where it’s needed, and the pan­els on the Siena re­ally help the fit.

If you can’t run to a high-end Rukka jacket, but ex­pect to spend eight hours a day in the sad­dle on a big tour, the Ger­man Modeka Ta­coma is a se­ri­ous jacket.

Bull-it’s Road­ster jacket uses abra­sion-re­sis­tant Covec fab­ric and looks good on and off the bike. Use­ful if you don’t want to lug about 3kg of ar­moured jacket. The hood is de­tach­able, too.

£150 £160 Macna Shine Bull-it Road­ster £ 150 Lady­biker Maple £260 £110 Buf­falo Siena Modeka Ta­coma

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