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Michael Rut­ter, BSB le­gend and win­ner of the Light­weight TT, takes his turn to fess up

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Q1 What are you rid­ing? I’ve got a Honda CRF250 en­duro bike for the dirt and an old Fox­eye Honda Fire­blade for the road. Q2 Which liv­ing mo­tor­cy­clist do you most ad­mire? It’d have to be Kevin Sch­wantz be­cause he was fan­tas­tic. He was just so fast and to­tally out of con­trol. Q3 What’s your worst habit? Tak­ing the piss and wind­ing peo­ple up! Q4 If you could have one su­per­power, what would it be? To stay young for­ever. Q5 What’s the fastest you’ve ever gone on a bike? I was clocked at 206mph on my Bathams BMW S1000RR on the run down to Univer­sity Cor­ner at the North West 200 last year. Q6 When were you last scared? I’m al­ways scared! You mean neardeath scared? I’d say at my last race meeting – the North West 200 in May. When you’re go­ing down the straight at al­most 200mph with slicks on and it starts rain­ing and the thing’s go­ing side­ways. You’re al­ways scar­ing your­self when you’re rac­ing. Nor­mally, when you’re win­ning it’s dead easy, it’s when you’re try­ing hard that it feels scary. Q7 How many miles have you done in the last year? Hardly any – I do like rid­ing on the road but rid­ing in Su­per­stock in BSB, plus the NW200 and TT means I’ve just not had time re­cently. Q8 What’s the high­est mileage you’ve cov­ered in one day? Not much. Un­less the sun’s shining and it’s 25 de­grees with no chance of rain, you won’t see me out on a bike. I’m not one for blast­ing round on the roads, I like just cruis­ing. Q9 What ir­ri­tates you most when you’re out rid­ing? Speed lim­its! 30mph on a su­per­bike feels like you could walk quicker. Q10 You’ve got two weeks off – where are you go­ing? Any­where there’s a de­cent pub! I don’t like do­ing thou­sands of miles on a bike – it feels like a bus­man’s hol­i­day to me. I’m hap­pier just go­ing down the pub with some mates. Q11 new Got rid­ers?one pearl of wis­dom for Yeah, take up golf!

Q12 Ever fallen off in a car park (or some­where equally em­bar­rass­ing?) Kind of. When I was very young I worked in Mo­tor­cy­cle Mart in Kid­der­min­ster and I dropped a brand new Honda CBR1000 onto a few other bikes and watched them all top­ple over like domi­noes.

Q13 Do you have one in­dis­pens­able item of kit? Not re­ally. I al­ways like to have my own hel­met as I hate hav­ing to use some­one else’s. I’m cer­tainly not one for wear­ing any lucky T-shirts or pants be­cause if you lose them then you’re doomed.

Q14 Which four peo­ple would you in­vite on a Sun­day blast? Hmm, cer­tainly not my old man – he’d do my head in. So I’ll say Kevin Sch­wantz, Steve His­lop, Joey Dun­lop and Kylie Minogue be­cause she’s cool. Steve was just so in­ter­est­ing, I could have lis­tened to him all day. He

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Q17 your wouldIf old youit be? ma­chi­nescould have back, just whichone of Thein fac­tory1998 fac­tory be­cause­bike Hon­daI’d everit was Bri­tain rid­den­the first RC45and properit I rode was just ev­ery­thing. amaz­ing. It It was had mega. gold It levers prob­a­bly and ende­dother fac­to­ryup get­ting Hon­das. crushed like most Q8 What kind of bike would you never buy? I’d get shot if I told you! I work for Per­for­mance Bikes magazine and if I an­swered that it would prob­a­bly get closed down. Q19 Which road (or track) would you build on your desert is­land? The full Brands Hatch GP cir­cuit. It’s got a bit of ev­ery­thing. Bril­liant. Q20 If you ruled the world, what new law would you pass? Ev­ery­one would have to ride a mo­tor­bike up un­til the age of 18 and then you could choose whether to drive a car or not.

‘My pearl of wis­dom for new rid­ers is... take up golf!’

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