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To pro­duce a car­bon fil­ment, car­bon atoms are bonded to­gether with crys­tals that are aligned par­al­lel to the long axis of the fi­bre. Each car­bon fil­a­ment has a very high ten­sile strength and sev­eral thou­sand are bonded to­gether to form a tow, which can then be woven into a fab­ric to form car­bon-fi­bre cloth.

The fab­ric can be moulded and a plas­tic resin is im­preg­nated to the fab­ric so it hard­ens to form a rigid struc­ture. Other el­e­ments can be added to form a com­pos­ite with ad­di­tional prop­er­ties such as heat re­sis­tance.

The re­sult is a prod­uct that has a spe­cific strength (ten­sile strength di­vided by den­sity) far in ex­cess of steel or alu­minium and the di­rec­tion of the weave can al­ter stiff­ness of the prod­uct ac­cord­ing to its di­rec­tion.

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