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Men gasped, women fainted, small chil­dren dropped their ice creams. It was 2007, and Du­cati opened the fac­tory doors, wheeled out a Mo­togp bike with lights, and said we could have one for the road so long as we handed them £40k. But was it any good?

Stiff as a board, and sex­ier than a pool party at Hugh’s place, it was drip­ping with Mo­togp DNA, and pro­vided you had a few per­cent of a GP rider’s ta­lent the ride was sub­lime. But if your aver­age Prius driver could give you a run for your money, you’re less likely to ap­pre­ci­ate its tal­ents.

The 989cc V4 squeezed out 200bhp and 85ftlb torque, all wrapped up in a steel trel­lis chas­sis and car­bon body­work for a claimed weight of just 171kg. Prices have re­mained pretty flat since birth, mean­ing that you can buy a good one – if you can find one – for around £40,000. Im­mac­u­late ex­am­ples are more like £50k.

Our snap­per spot­ted the bike near the Du­cati fac­tor y

The Des­mosedici was a Mo­togp bike for the road and it sold out fast

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