Clear the rear

How to re­move your back wheel

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Un­screw and chock up

With the bike on a stand (main or pad­dock), undo the spin­dle nut and place a piece of wood un­der the tyre to sup­port it at its cur­rent height. Then whip out the spin­dle.

On a roll

Push the wheel for­ward so that the chain is slack enough to slip off the rear sprocket. Roll the wheel out and away, not­ing the lo­ca­tion of any spac­ers that drop out when the wheel is re­moved.

Get it aligned

To re­fit the wheel, seat the sprocket car­rier and spac­ers then roll the wheel back onto the piece of wood. Then use a 3/8 ex­ten­sion bar as a makeshift spin­dle as you re­fit the spin­dle from the other side.

Tighten and pump

Push the wheel for­ward with your knee and tighten the spin­dle nut to the cor­rect torque set­ting. Spin the wheel to make sure it’s cor­rectly fit­ted and pump the rear brake lever un­til firm.

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