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Frame changer 1

One of the most dra­matic changes is the ditch­ing of the Pani­gale’s mono­coque ‘ frame­less’ de­sign in favour of a more con­ven­tional twin-spar cast frame. Still around half the size of a nor­mal frame, it can be seen emerg­ing from the head­stock and arc­ing to the rear bank of cylin­ders.

Em­peror’s new 2 clothes

The out­line, attitude, and sil­hou­ette are all un­mis­take­able – mak­ing it clear that Du­cati want the new V4 to look like an evo­lu­tion of the ex­ist­ing road fam­ily, not a clone of their Mo­togp Des­mosedici. This hints that they’re un­likely to call it a Des­mosedici – while it seems equally likely it won’t in­herit the Pani­gale name, ei­ther. That in­stantly recog­nis­able face has put on a few pounds, though. The front-end and flanks are no­tice­ably more haunched and mus­cu­lar than its V2 fore­bear, in­evitable con­sid­er­ing the near dou­bling of the width of the engine.

Light show 3

The head­lamps and side­lights are all mounted in the air in­take ports, as given away by one of the LED head­lamps be­ing il­lu­mi­nated (see be­low). It’s a clear evo­lu­tion of the Pani­gale look. We can also see a new style of high-mounted num­ber­plate mount, and neat small in­di­ca­tors mounted to the trel­lis sub­frame.

Shock move 4

The rear shock has been repo­si­tioned and it’s now nestling down be­hind the rider’s left an­kle. It ap­pears to be a me­chan­i­cal Öh­lins shock (a TTX36 is our guess). But this test mule clearly isn’t a top spec model, as the fork also bears no sign of elec­tronic ad­just­ment. We’d ex­pect this to be ad­dresses on an S model.

Ex­haus­tive changes 5

While the engine ca­pac­ity has at best re­mained un­changed, at worst de­creased by 200cc, the in­creased fo­cus on emis­sions means the ex­haust has grown to cope. It’s clear to see two head­ers en­ter­ing the large col­lec­tor at the front, and an­other two at the rear. And it’s a big box. Clearly this is a road le­gal sys­tem.

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