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I have a 2006 Yamaha R1 and I need to re­place the pri­mary and sec­ondary throt­tle po­si­tion sen­sor ( TPS), but I am get­ting con­fused try­ing to get the right throt­tle an­gle read­ings for both closed and fully open. If I get it right for a closed throt­tle, be­tween 1518, set­ting it to 0.73V, I can get 18, but I can’t get up to the 95-100 range needed for open throt­tle. 94 is the best fig­ure, no mat­ter what I do.

Which is more im­por­tant to get right, 0.63-0.73V and 18 throt­tle an­gle, or throt­tle an­gle 95-100? Or is there an­other ad­just­ment I can do to get all specs in? Steve Kearl, email

AAn­swered by Charles Marvell, Fl­itwick Yamaha I would go for the 15 to 18 closed throt­tle val­ues on the di­ag­nos­tic screen. The full throt­tle read­ing in my opin­ion is not as im­por­tant as the lower read­ings, as you sim­ply spend far more time rid­ing around at small throt­tle open­ings than full throt­tle ones. If an af­ter­mar­ket fu­elling mo­d­ule is fit­ted, or has been fit­ted in the past, th­ese can re­strict the fully open fig­ures in di­ag­nos­tic mode so I would set it up with the mo­d­ule dis­con­nected if pos­si­ble, so that any in­ter­fer­ence can be ruled out.

Con­cen­trate on sort­ing the closed throt­tle set­tings

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