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Free the valve

With the wheel out, re­move the valve us­ing a valve key. While the air is es­cap­ing, check the tyre’s size/type and make a note of the wheel ro­ta­tion. Break the bead on both sides and lever off the rim.

Tease out the tube

Gen­tly tease out the in­ner tube then knock the tyre off the rim us­ing a rub­ber mal­let be­fore in­spect­ing the rim and rim tape for dam­age. Then lube the new tyre with tyre soap and pop onto the rim.

Job done

Fit the tube in­side the new tyre, lo­cate and fit the valve stem. Fit the re­tain­ing nut and do it up enough to get a pump or air­line fit­ting on. Par­tially in­flate the tube be­fore lev­er­ing the tyre onto the rim.

Lis­ten for pops

Slowly in­flate the tyre, mak­ing sure the bead pops out evenly all the way round. Then place on to a wheel bal­ancer – tak­ing care to re­move any rim stick­ers or wheel weights be­fore you do so.

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