‘A set of af­ter­mar­ket pipes makes them sound awe­some!’

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“The SP-1? Now that’s a nice bike, a won­der­ful bit of kit and the only thing I’d re­ally say is cru­cial when buy­ing one is a good ser­vice his­tory. They need reg­u­lar oil changes to keep them in tip­top con­di­tion and I’d avoid any with too many race parts on them, es­pe­cially within the mo­tor. Stock is al­ways best, al­though a nice set of af­ter­mar­ket pipes makes them sound awe­some!

“One of the very few known faults with the SP-1 is the wiring loom. If they are used in all weath­ers I’ve seen them start to cor­rode their wires be­low the seat, mainly next to the bank- an­gle sen­sor, which can rot its con­nec­tor. This can cause the bike to cut out, but gen­er­ally they are a very solid ma­chine.

“The level of fin­ish is in­cred­i­bly high, the paint is lovely and thick and the fas­ten­ers are also well plated, and when you get the bike’s panels off you can re­ally see the qual­ity. The mo­tor has no cam chain ten­sion­ers, it has gear- driven cams, so that’s an­other worry gone and the valve clear­ances sel­dom need check­ing. Honda rec­om­mend you check the valve clear­ances ev­ery 16,000 miles, with ser­vices ev­ery 4000 miles, and I love that the valve clear­ances are mea­sured pre­cisely – there is no plus or mi­nus, it’s a set value. That’s so HRC!

“Oc­ca­sion­ally the ex­haust gas­ket on the rear cylin­der can start to blow, so give this a check, and watch out for track bikes as the only time the V-twin can get un­re­li­able is when it’s been thrashed on track. Ham­mered track bikes with quick­shifters fit­ted can wear their gear­box dogs and as there is no slip­per clutch they can also be over­revved, caus­ing valve dam­age. Some own­ers com­plain about the clutch be­ing snatchy, but I don’t think it is bad at all, and the same goes for the fu­elling – it’s abrupt. That said, I’ve seen loads of rid­ers stall them as you need to work the clutch when pulling away. If your bike has race cans I’d rec­om­mend a Power Com­man­der.

“Just watch out for dou­ble bub­ble screens, they can fo­cus the sun’s light and melt the top of the clocks! Honda sup­plied a small dash top cover with their larger screen to stop this hap­pen­ing.”

‘If you have race cans, go for a Power Com­man­der for bet­ter fu­elling’

Get the stock cans thrown in and check the dash hasn’t been melted

Scott Bul­lett Work­shop man­ager at Doble Honda in Couls­don, Sur­rey

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