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Don’t knock Knock­hill

I have to dis­agree with Michael Price’s Letter of the Week (June 28). I and thou­sands of other fans had a fan­tas­tic time over the three days at Knock­hill BSB, even though Fri­day was some­what chilly. The track has pro­vided some fan­tas­tic rac­ing over the years and this year was no ex­cep­tion. Any sug­ges­tion to move on is lu­di­crous and would be a se­vere loss to BSB and Scot­tish fans. Long live BSB at Knock­hill. John Weir, email

It’s Scot to be done

I take it Michael Price has never been to Knock­hill. I at­tend all the two-wheel rac­ing at Knock­hill from Scot­tish club rac­ing to BSB, and yes, it’s a short chal­leng­ing cir­cuit, but it is a fan­tas­tic cir­cuit to race on, as I have many times. Where do you get this “most of the rid­ers don’t like it” stuff? Not ac­cord­ing to all the rid­ers I’ve spo­ken to. Qual­i­fy­ing was not a fi­asco, we have change­able weather up here. So, let’s take the only Scot­tish round of BSB off the calendar, and have them all in Eng­land, right? Kev Hunter, email

Might as well bin Brands

I’ve never heard one rider say they did not like Knock­hill and in fact Leon Haslam said it was one of his favourite cir­cuits. Yes, it is a short cir­cuit but the lap time is no shorter than Brands Hatch Indy so I sup­pose that should be taken off the calendar as well?!? Lewis Far­row, email

Rut­terly good read

So Michael Rut­ter wants to have Kylie on his fan­tasy ride­out (20 ques­tions, June 28). It’s only so she can lead and he can stare at her rear end! Don’t blame him. Dar­ren Playle, email

Get Mcpint on the mic

While wish­ing John Mcguin­ness be­lated best wishes for a speedy re­cov­ery and re­turn to the Isle of Man, can I sug­gest that if he does de­cide to re­tire, he is cho­sen as a com­men­ta­tor for fu­ture TT races. This year’s team were the best ever, but adding Mcpint would put the ic­ing on the cake. Steve Har­g­reaves, Scar­bor­ough

Keep it le­gal? Keep it fun

In ref­er­ence to the letter sug­gest­ing bik­ers keep it le­gal. It’s peo­ple like you, rid­ing your Pan Euro­peans, wear­ing pervy lit­tle cam­eras and hi-viz Po­lite vests who are try­ing to take all the fun out of mo­tor­cy­cling with your po­lit­i­cally cor­rect at­ti­tude. TJ, email

Thrifty V-strom

Your re­view of the new DL650 sug­gests the bike does 49mpg giv­ing it a range of 200 miles. I reg­u­larly record over

70mpg on my 2012 model, never drop­ping be­low 60mpg when com­mut­ing in London. I re­cently rode from Holy­head to London on a sin­gle tank, show­ing 278 miles on the trip and only tak­ing 17 of the 20 litres at my des­ti­na­tion. Bruce John­son, email

Giv­ing Europe the nod

A few weeks ago there was some dis­cus­sion on nod­ding and how it used to be the norm. My wife and I have just had a 30-day trip through and around France and Spain and al­most with­out ex­cep­tion all bik­ers ac­knowl­edged us by ei­ther a hand or leg wave. Also, both in Barcelona and Al­bacete where we ar­rived quite late in the af­ter­noon and hit the rush-hour traf­fic and strug­gled to find our ho­tels we were helped by two Span­ish bik­ers who not only gave us di­rec­tions but also went out of their way to go to the ho­tels so we could fol­low. Car­los the biker in Al­bacete say­ing just be­fore he left us: “Bik­ers make good friends.” Brian Ec­cles, email

Stick­ing with MCN

Thank you for the de­cals please see at­tached pho­tos now on my 2017 CR­F250L and a ran­dom chicken ke­bab on my BBQ! Great weekly pa­per luv it. Stu­art Wib­ber­ley, email Ed: See Stu­art’s bike above, we de­cided not to share the one of the ke­bab, nice as it was

Sim­ple plea­sures

I ride a 2006 TDM900. It doesn’t have ABS or cor­ner­ing ABS or trac­tion con­trol. Nor does it have a slip­per clutch, or quick shifter, or auto blip­per or launch con­trol. It doesn’t have self­lev­el­ling sus­pen­sion or half-a-dozen rid­ing modes. It doesn’t have a sen­sor to tell me my tyre pres­sures are OK. Quite frankly it’s a mys­tery to me how I man­age to make it as far as the end of my drive. Hav­ing said all that, it does have fold-out bungee hooks, and oh yes, a clock - use­ful rid­ing aids. Dave Will­son, Kent Ad­vanced Mo­tor­cy­clists Group

Saved in the neck of time

While head­ing from Suf­folk to Scar­bor­ough to watch the Cock of the North races I man­aged to ag­gra­vate an old in­jury and tear neck mus­cles re­sult­ing in ter­ri­ble pain. An in­quis­i­tive and some­what hope­ful tele­phone call to the AA about a rider and not a ve­hi­cle break­down re­sulted in them send­ing a break­down truck and trans­port­ing me and my bike the 105 miles back home. Chris Pen­ney, email

A cock and ball story

Just to clar­ify, the “cock and ball clamp” that used bike colum­nist Neil Mur­ray (MCN, June 28) saw on ebay, is a very use­ful Ram Mount ac­ces­sory al­low­ing we lib­eral-metropoli­tan-biker types to at­tach an ac­tion cam­era to the poul­try we keep in our tiny but im­pec­ca­bly groomed city gar­dens. In do­ing so we can turn an oth­er­wise non­de­script ur­ban rooster into a fully mo­bile and en­tirely dis­creet back yard se­cu­rity cam­era, to mon­i­tor the bike shed and out­fox (ged­dit?) those in­fa­mous London scooter gangs. Mark Hucke, email

‘Yes Knock­hill is chal­leng­ing but it is a fan­tas­tic cir­cuit to race around’

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Great sticker ac­tion (chicken ke­bab out of shot) of his free sticker sheet MCN reader Stu­art Wib­ber­ley’s made the most

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