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What’s good? This is my go-to rid­ing suit and is per­fect for our ever-chang­ing UK cli­mate. The

jacket comes with six outer pock­ets, shoul­der and el­bow pro­tec­tion and a re­mov­able wa­ter and wind­proof mem­brane liner. Dur­ing the last three months, I’ve been mainly do­ing mo­tor­way miles and the jacket fully protects me against the wind with­out

need­ing to wear many lay­ers un­der­neath.

Aes­thet­i­cally, it’s pleas­ing to the eye and there’s a handy in­side-zip pocket which holds my mas­sive iphone 7 Plus per­fectly. This is es­pe­cially use­ful if you’re some­one, like me, who gets their phone out as

soon as they stop rid­ing, as it saves you searching through a back­pack for it. The wa­ter­proof­ing is fine for av­er­age rain but in a se­ri­ously tor­ren­tial down­pour the trousers let in a lit­tle around the crotch. When it’s a bit warmer, the ven­ti­la­tion sys­tem on the up­per leg works won­ders. I have used other trouser brands be­fore and they nearly al­ways slide down a bit. How­ever, with ther­mals, jeans – what­ever you choose to wear un­der­neath – these al­ways fit with­out any dis­com­fort. What’s not? The jacket doesn’t come with a de­cent back pro­tec­tor. I also wore this suit around the time the UK saw 30odd de­grees. Word of ad­vice, the trouser vents won’t save you. Con­tact www.hein-ger­ick­e­out­let.out­let.com

Tester Michael Neeves Time tested Eight months What’s good? These new A-stars two-piece ther­mals kept me warm over the win­ter. They’ve been light and easy to wear un­der leathers on road tests and track in­struct­ing and are per­fect as a base layer un­der Gore-tex gear. They’re warm and com­fort­able and be­cause they’re not too thick they don’t make you feel like you’ve eaten two roast din­ners when you wear them un­der your kit. Made from a sturdy-qual­ity, seam­less, elas­ti­cated polypropy­lene Dr­yarn ma­te­rial they’re re­as­sur­ingly snug, but as they’re a com­pres­sion fit they help sup­port mus­cles to re­duce fa­tigue. I’m a skinny six foot and un­like some un­der­suits, where the legs and arms are too short in a medium, these fit just right. What’s not? The de­sign won’t be to every­one’s taste and cost­ing £139.98 for the set, they’re not cheap. Con­tact www.alpines­tars.com Qual­ity +++++ Value Value+ ++++ +++ +

Schu­berth C4 Hel­met £599.99

Tester Emma Franklin Time tested Three months/2500 miles What’s good? The C4 is the first flip-up hel­met I’ve tried and I like the ver­sa­til­ity. It’s comfy, light and very quiet. Aero­dy­nam­i­cally it works well and it’s sta­ble, with no buf­fet­ing. The vent­ing is ex­cel­lent – feed­ing a steady flow of air through the hel­met. There’s a wide field of vi­sion, thanks to the de­sign of the vi­sor and anti-fog in­sert and the in­te­grated sun vi­sor is great too. It is also easy to use, with an ex­cel­lent lens. Built-in speakers and a mi­cro­phone make for sim­ple con­nec­tion to a sat nav, which works well. I’ll be try­ing out the in­ter­com on a trip to France later this year. What’s not? The re­lease mech­a­nism to lift the chin bar took some get­ting used to and still catches me out. Con­tact www.tranam.co.uk Qual­ity +++++ Value ++++ +

Good fit un­der leathers and comfy too



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