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Time One long day or two short days Dif­fi­culty rat­ing Easy – if you’re not be­ing shot at What makes it spe­cial This is one of the few ar­eas in the UK where trail rid­ing is ac­tu­ally en­cour­aged by the landowner: the Min­istry of De­fence. The vast area (94,000 acres) is crossed by an an­cient road net­work, which is in­cred­i­bly easy to get lost in, so get a proper map. Be­low is a very small ex­am­ple of per­mit­ted MOD roads. The Plain is used for live fir­ing, so al­ways obey signs and red flags. Other than that, the by­ways are easy to han­dle with huge water cross­ings that’ll slap mas­sive grins on your face, long empty straights and never end­ing trails. It feels like free­dom. Best part Rid­ing past tank wreck­age and de­serted vil­lages Watch out for Live fir­ing and mil­i­tary ex­er­cises. Never leave the marked routes or stray into red flag ar­eas.


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