Keep your cool

Sim­ple steps to re­fresh your fluid

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Let the bike cool

When chang­ing your coolant, it is im­por­tant to let the bike cool, to pre­vent any scald­ing in­ci­dents. Re­move the ra­di­a­tor and header tank caps. Make a note of the con­di­tion and level of the fluid.

mea­sureaamea­sured ap­proach

Un­screw the drain bolt and mea­sure the amount of fluid that comes out. Com­pare the amount to that stated in the man­ual, as this could help in­di­cate a leak.

Pour gen­tly

Pour your coolant into the ra­di­a­tor slowly, to let any air es­cape through the header tank. Pour the rest of the liq­uid into the header tank so it sits be­tween the high and low marks. Re­place both caps.

Please squeeze

Squeeze any hoses you can reach with the bike up­right and rock it gen­tly from side to side. Start the bike and let it idle for 30 sec­onds, be­fore re-check­ing the lev­els in the rad and header.

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