Q Will key­less ignition hit my dodgy ticker?

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As a bike theft vic­tim, I was im­pressed by the se­cu­rity of Kawasaki GTR1400’S key­less KIPASS set-up. Then I found a warn­ing on­line and in the small print of the man­ual, that if the rider has a pace­maker or de­fib­ril­la­tor im­planted, you are not rec­om­mended to go within eight feet of the ECU. The sales­man wasn’t aware of the is­sue, and I am now con­cerned that there may be many rid­ers out there who are un­aware of the po­ten­tial dan­ger they place them­selves in. Trevor Thomas, email

A An­swered by Chris Dabbs, MCN KIPASS is es­sen­tially the same as the se­cu­rity sys­tem fit­ted to tens of thou­sands of cars with key­less ignition, and from my re­search any pace­maker is­sues ap­pear to be in­di­vid­ual. My thoughts are that hav­ing a pace­maker fit­ted is the same as be­ing on med­i­ca­tion, and that it’s the in­di­vid­ual’s re­spon­si­bil­ity (as you have done) to find out the ef­fect of said meds or pace­maker on their abil­ity to drive or ‘op­er­ate heavy ma­chin­ery’. There­fore, I would con­sult my GP and the mak­ers of my par­tic­u­lar pace­maker to see if there were any known is­sues.

As no owner of a GTR has re­ported a prob­lem in the 10 years that the bike has been sold in the UK, I hope that other prospec­tive pur­chasers have been as dili­gent as you. How­ever, I’ve sug­gested that KMUK cir­cu­late a bul­letin to deal­ers that any fu­ture GTR buy­ers are made aware of the is­sue, which they have taken on-board.

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