‘ They are bul­let­proof and there are no re­li­a­bil­ity is­sues’

‘If we get any used mod­els they soon fly out of the door. They’re bul­let­proof’

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“They are pretty bul­let proof, ac­tu­ally. They are quite a ba­sic bike – in mod­ern terms – and there are not a lot of frills on it. All you’ve got is fuel in­jec­tion on this model and no other mod­i­fi­ca­tions. A good ser­vice his­tory is still al­ways im­por­tant though.

“If it’s a spoked model, you need to check for cor­ro­sion on the spokes and lit­er­ally noth­ing else! They are bul­let­proof and have shaft drive and never re­ally need at­ten­tion. They have noth­ing in the way of re­li­a­bil­ity is­sues – they re­ally are that good.

“They are very sim­ple and lovely to ride and need very lit­tle main­te­nance. As long as they are reg­u­larly ser­viced, then they are fine. They do come into the shop and they sell very quickly. They are very pop­u­lar new, but on the used mar­ket, they sim­ply fly out of the door.

“They are gen­er­ally well looked af­ter. It’s also a favourite for peo­ple who want to cus­tomise their bikes. They are favourites for that and peo­ple do spend money on them and do like to look af­ter them.

“Noisy pipes and af­ter­mar­ket paint are both pop­u­lar and peo­ple like to change the seats, as well as chop the tail off. They also like to change the mud­guards at the front and rear. These are of­ten re­placed with smaller ones, to help give it a café racer style and things like that.

“There was a very re­cent ABS re­call on the lat­est mod­els and be­fore that there were no re­calls and no other is­sues.

“These bikes do need their valve clear­ance check­ing at ev­ery ser­vice and the oil in the gear­box, en­gine and shaft drive will also need chang­ing reg­u­larly. If these things have not been done, then you might be buy­ing a bag of rub­bish.

“They should be ser­viced yearly, or ev­ery 6000 miles. The early mod­els have in­ter­vals of 4500 miles, or a year – de­pend­ing on how much you ride.

“From around 2011-12 on­wards the bikes changed to 6000mile ser­vice in­ter­vals. The way to tell which model you’ve got is by check­ing the colour of the cylin­der head. If it’s black it’s a later model, if it’s chrome then it has the smaller ser­vice in­ter­val.”

Check head colour to work our ser­vice in­ter­vals and see if shaft drive oil is fresh LOOK HERE LOOK HERE

Cris­tian Ingig­noli, Dealer Prin­ci­ple at In Moto, Lon­don. He has been there over 14 years.

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