Q How can I fix my Di­avel’s harsh­ness?

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I’m the proud owner of a 2016 Du­cati Di­avel. The only down­side is that I think the damp­ing can be quite hard. Over speed bumps and sim­i­lar it’s fine, the problem is on roads with bad sur­faces like pot­holes, sharp edges and poorly ex­e­cuted sur­face re­pairs. It seems to be a high-speed damp­ing is­sue. My friend has a Mon­ster R with Öh­lins and has no is­sues with his bike. Per­haps Öh­lins forks and a rear damper would sort my bike out, but three grand is a lot of money. I have turned the com­pres­sion and re­bound all the way back, but it’s still hard and harsh. Do you have any sug­ges­tions on how I can im­prove the damp­ing other than re­plac­ing the en­tire hard­ware? Geir Gås­land, Oslo, Nor­way

An­swered by Gareth Evans, Re­ac­tive Sus­pen­sion

The Di­avel has fork in­ter­nal damp­ing car­tridges that are sealed. You can’t strip them to ser­vice them or mod­ify them. The whole unit can be re­placed with af­ter­mar­ket car­tridges and springs to match the rider’s weight and use. An­dreani have a shock pis­ton kit that is £177 plus de­liv­ery, but it’ll be pol­ish­ing a turd. The Misano car­tridge kit is a good, eco­nom­i­cal con­ver­sion for the forks at £454 plus de­liv­ery. At the mo­ment, I can’t see a good af­ter­mar­ket op­tion for the whole shock listed. Up to 2015, Öh­lins had the ST46 shock, which was a re­ally good op­tion. Per­haps you can pick up a used one online?

I pur­chased a Buhel D01 mo­tor­cy­cle in­ter­com head­set at a bike show in Oc­to­ber 2016. At the show the demo seemed OK, if a bit res­o­nant. The first time we tried the unit out on the bike was six months later. It is sold as a unit for use with mo­tor­cy­cles but it is use­less above 40mph. I re­turned the unit on the ba­sis it wasn’t fit for pur­pose and asked for a re­fund of my £225. The seller re­fused, though they did send me the in­ter­com back. Is there any­thing I can do? JR, Strat­ford-upon-avon

Sealed fork damp­ing car­tridges mean you’ll need to re­place the whole unit

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